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Wellbeing, holistic therapies

Wellbeing and holistic treatments are a unique experience for each individual, the only way to know if one of our therapies will help you, is to try it.

What does 'holistic' mean

The meaning of 'holistic' is to treat the person as a whole, working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels for optimal health and wellness rather than to just focus on the symptoms.  When the balance of the immune system is disturbed this may lead to various symptoms of disease.  

Stress is a reaction that leads to excessive pressure in our every day lives.  Left untreated it may lead to further problems such as :-

migraines, pain, tension, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression, insomnia, high blood pressure to name but a few.

By taking a holistic approach and taking time out from our busy lives to relax, unwind and re-energise, holistic therapies may help restore balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally.  What better way to alleviate symptoms of stress.


Reflexology is an ancient art of activating healing from within.  A non intrusive complementary therapy based on the theory that reflex points of the feet that correspond to organs within the body,  when stimulated can help balance on all levels within the body.  The therapist will tailor your treatment to your specific needs, using both massage and pressure point techniques to gently but effectively work both feet to help restore balance and harmony within.

Reflexology is the perfect therapy for women throughout many aspects of your lives but particularly when preparing for pregnancy or experiencing menopausal symptoms.  Reflexology lymphatic drainage is particuarly beneficial to help women who have experienced breast cancer and are suffering from oedema after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Jacqui is a fully qualified therapist with over 16 years experience and is passionate about making a difference to the lives of women. 

For more information visit www.minisoles&more 

60 minutes                                           £38.00

Sabai foot treatment

Sabai in Thai means 'to relax'.  Traditional belief is the feet are 'the windows of our soul'.  A relaxing foot and leg massage follows using traditional Thai pressure point massage, helping restore vital energy flow.

60 minutes                         £40.00


Healing and harmony through the hands, promoting physical wellbeing having a positive effect on emotional equilibrium, leaving you feeling relaxed.

60 minutes                             £38.00 

Inner Calm

Zesty aromatic scalp and body treatment.  A recipe of hazelnut, avocado and macadamia oils blended with essences of lime, sandalwood and ginger.  Warm oil is applied to the scalp, neck and shoulders.  You will be transported on a journey of inner calm with a relaxing scalp massage.  Your journey continues with a hopi ear candle treatment to help clear congestion, finishing with a facial massage to enhance the treatment.

60 minutes   £45.00

Signature conditioning

Your journey starts with an accupressure face, neck and shoulder massage to encourage relaxation.  A jasmine and rice scrub to the back softens and invigorates.  Warm oil, infused with essences are drizzled onto the back while you enjoy a relaxing massage to the back.

60 minutes   £59.00

Back ritual

A purifying exfoliation and relaxing massage with essences of patchouli and vanilla, followed by a warm deep cleansing clay masque to absorb any impurities.  Your journey continues with a massage of the back of the legs.  Hot towels and a moisturisng body butter gently brings you back to full awareness.

60 minutes   £59.00

Hopi ear candles

A gentle natural treatment using cotton candles, beeswax, honey, chamomile, sage and St. Johns Wort.  Vapours gently massage the ear drum helping regulate pressure and sooth sinuses, headaches, tinnitus.

30 minutes  £35.00

Aroma massage

Pre-blended oils are used to help ease aches and pains, restore balance and promote natural healing.

Back, neck, shoulder & scalp   40 minutes   £35.00

Full body                                  60 minutes   £45.00

Indian head massage

Especially good to help relieve stress, tension, fatiguem insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis.

30 minutes   £25.00


A journey of self discovery, a personalised wellness experience.  Working intuitively on a holistic level, bespoke for your needs, oils will be chosen, relfex points stimulated, then enjoy a traditional Asian ayurvedic facial massage or you might find yourself cocooned in a bath of healing using colour and sound, putting you in a deep state of relaxation.  A powerful experience that allows you to tune into what is going on around you that might be reflecting what is hapenning within.

60 minutes            £59.00

Dream journey

Indulge yourself.  Based on our 'Serenity' treatment but taking your journey to a deeper level.  Balancing, comforting and revitalising, you are immersed into a sanctuary of age old holistic healing tradition.  

Promotes physical wellbeing while having a positive effect on your emotional equilibrium, helping replenish energy, strengthen the immune system and leave you feeling totally relaxed.  

Your journey starts with an essential foot bath and foot exfoliation.  An aromatic accupressure facial massage takes you into a deep state of relaxation.  Reflexes of the feet are stimulated to bring inner balance and harmony.  Your journey ends with a full hour of healing, bring you back to full awareness, to aid a restful nights sleep.

2 hours                                 £89.00




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