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CACI non surgical facelift

 CACI non surgical face lift

Restore and re-define the facial muscles.

CACI non surgical face lift

1 hour                      £50.00

Course of 10          £450.00


CACI de-luxe non surgical face lift

Use of collagen serum, hydratone masque, wrinkle comb & light

1 hour 15 minutes                  £58.00

Course of 10                        £520.00


CACI ultimate eye

Targets the area around the eye reducing ageing, fatigue and puffiness

40 minutes                                £35.00

Course of 10                           £315.00


CACI Ultimate hydrating facial

Incorporates lifting and hydratone masque combined with active rollers, collagen & vitamins.

20 minutes                                £17.00






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