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Galvanic facials

One of the premier anti-ageing companies in the world, it has unlocked the science behind the secret to looking and feeling young,  revolutionary ingredients delivers exclusive solutions that target ageing at its very source. By slowing internal sources,  helping you look, feel and live younger.

" revolutionizing the health and beauty industries with products that offer comprehensive anti-aging solutions."

Within a 60 minute  treatment you receive a cleanse and thorough exfoliation before the galvanic treatment begins. With the first stage of the treatment the pre treatment gel is applied to the skin and penetrated into the deepest layers of the skin resulting in deep cleanse. Next we aply the treatment gel containing the revolutionary ingredient. This product is then worked into the deepest layers of the skin, maximising hydration, increasing blood circulation and stimulating the skin's natural collagen production. Last but by no means least we apply the daily radiance day cream and the true line face corrector and work over your main concern areas to plump and firm any fine lines and wrinkles!

Up to 5 years can be knocked off your age in just one single treatment!!!

Galvanic Facial

Half Face Demonstration £10.00
Half Face Correction £20.00
60 minutes £47.00
60 minutes PLUS 30 minute back, neck and shoulder £68.00





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