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CACI non surgical facelift

 CACI non surgical face lift

Restore and re-define the facial muscles.


CACI non surgical face lift

1 hour                      £50.00

Course of 10          £450.00


CACI de-luxe non surgical face lift

Use of collagen serum, hydratone masque, wrinkle comb & light

1 hour 15 minutes                  £58.00

Course of 10                        £520.00


CACI eye revive

Soothes tired and puffy eyes, helps combat dark circles, lift hooded eyes and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent gently tightens and tones muscles, serum filled rollers deliver eye revive serum deep into the skin, followed by a deeply nourishing mask infused with cucumer, green tea extract and collagen to refresh and calm.

30 minutes        £35.00


CACI jowl lift

To firm and tone the jawline.  Developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline, new quad probes deliver doubles the lifting effect.  Perfect as an add on to any facial.

15 minutes          £25.00 


CACI Ultimate hydrating masque

Incorporates lifting and hydratone masque combined with active rollers, collagen & vitamins.  A perfect add on to any facial.  Perfect to add on to any facial for extra hydration and tone.

20 minutes           £17.00






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